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Cat Climbing Tree


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  • This is an attractive cat climbing frame that is stable, fun, and stylish. For cats to climb, stretch, sharpen their claws, and rest.
  • The composite fleece and natural sisal wrap are skin-friendly and do not hurt paws. The cute pendants can satisfy your cat’s hunting nature and bring more fun to your cat.
  • The thickened sisal column is dense and scratch-resistant, with no flakes.
  • Allows your cat to explore the ocean-themed cat climbing tree for more fun.

4 IN 1 The pet furniture is a combination of a cat scratching post, interactive toy and bed for rest. It can also be a jumping platform to help kittens go to higher places.
INTERACTIVE TOY The base is a ball toy with 7 holes and a jingling ball inside. It allows multiple cats to play a “soccer” game. Compared to balls on a fixed track, maybe your cats would enjoy free-moving ball games more.
SISAL-COVERED SCRATCHING POLE The sisal vertical scratcher is great for adult cats and kittens to sharpen their claws and thus prevent them from scratching your furniture.
TOP PERCH: The plush platform can be a cozy place for your kitty to take a nap. The hanging toy and the ball on the spring would add extra merriment. Your indoor cats will no longer feel bored.
DIMENSIONS  L 18.89″  W 15.23″ H 45.27″.The multipurpose interactive cat toy takes little space but can provide so much fun and chances for cats to have more exercise.




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