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Cat Brush Hair Removal Brush


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  • Material: plastic
  • Friendly Protect Pet Skin: This won’t be too sharp to scratch the pet skin when used.
  • The primary purpose of the brush is to get rid of any debris, loose hair mats, and knots.
  • Widely Applicable: No matter the pet’s short, medium, or long hair, it will do the job.
  • This grooming brush is your best choice, A good brush will ensure both you and your pets


Material: Plastic
Size: Length: 20cm
Great for your pets: Brushes can be used on short- and long-haired dogs and cats, both small and large.

Make grooming your pet a comfortable and pleasant experience. Our brush gently removes loose hair and eliminates tangles, dander, and trapped dirt.

Even after the first use, you will notice less hair around your house, and your pet’s hair will be much softer and sleeker!

Choose this brush and let your pets be more good-looking and healthy.




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13 reviews for Cat Brush Hair Removal Brush

  1. John

    It takes an assortment of brushes to tent to a long hair dog. My Aussie has a thick coat and sheds constantly. These brushes pick up a lot of undercoat and are easy to clean. My primary brush.

  2. Terri

    My two dogs, one with long hair (Sapsaree) – think bearded collie, and the other with curvy fur and long hair combo (Sheep-sari) Sheepdog- Bearded collie type mix.
    This brush does a great job on both of their coats. Neither of them minds being brushed – the Sapsaree is a breeze, the Sheepsari takes HOURS.
    The push button cleaning feature is awesome. It’s so easy for me to stop in the middle of a section and I can clean the brush in a matter of seconds without having to find something to pull the hair from the bristles.
    I highly recommend this brush to anyone with a dog – especially if they begin to shed between seasons.

  3. Alexis

    I have a curly hair golden doodle and this brush made it easy to brush out his hair and the button to easily pick out all the hairs off without a mess!

  4. Kelly

    Very handy. At the push of a button it pushes the hair to the edge of the bristles so it’s very easy to grab it off and toss away the hair. Works very well for my Aussie, she sheds terribly come spring.

  5. Olivia

    Just received this brush this afternoon. I brushed our cats with it and they very much liked it. I put the brush on the counter. Then later on when my husband came home one of our cats climbed on the counter, grabbed the brush and brought it to my husband 😂 Not sure what they put in this brush…. but our cats sure like it. Oh…. and it has this handy button that makes it easy to clean.

  6. Aaron

    All I can say is, the button for releasing the hair is one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve experienced in a very long time! Brushing and cleaning the brush is effortless.

  7. Nathaniel

    This item is easy to clean. I gave it 4 🌟 just because for me if it could push out just a little more would be helpful. Otherwise it is a great brush and would recommend it to others.

  8. Cecil

    Fantastic brush! It has little cushioning thingies on the tip of every thin thin metal bristle allowing for it to almost glide through my dog’s rough hair. He hates being combed or brushed but he tolerates this one without much complaining. Then with push of a button the hair neatly comes of the brush.

  9. Pat

    The brush picked up long dead hair on my Pekinese that I had trouble getting previously. Easy to use, also easily cleaned.

  10. Joe

    This is a great product and love the ease of removing the hair from the brush. My only con, my pup does not like being brushed with it!! 5 stars for the product and if my my pup can leave a review, it would be only 1 star lol

  11. Tyrone

    This thing is nice… It does what they say, and it sure beats running to the vacuum every so often to sweep up the long hair from my Calico! Definitely recommend!

  12. Claudia

    I love the way this brush is easy to clean. I have another one but it doesn’t have the push to clean option which makes a huge difference especially when you have 2 long haired cats. Glad a friend told me about this one.

  13. Vernon

    Wow! My cat loves this brush but, not as much as me! It removes all that extra fur and when you’re done, the push button actually works really well pushing it all up to the top of the brush so you can easily remove it off the top. I have arthritis so I really appreciate the easy cleaning!

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