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Cat Scratch Board for Indoor


SKU CSS.294 Categories ,
  • Cat Entertainment & Health
  • Fun & Interactive
  • Prevents Destructive Behavior
  • Promotes Healthy Claws

Fascinating Toys Cat Scratcher is designed to be fun cat toy; it makes your cat a great playmate to enjoy leisure time and is easy to prevent cats from scratching, biting, and destroying furniture.
Cat Scratching Board Easy to prevent cats from lying still and overweight, the Cat Scratching Board is designed for paw scratching; it can prevent cat’s claws from getting too long and make claw grinding more fun.
Modern Cat Scratcher  Cat Scratcher Cardboard is easy to match with contemporary furniture styles; it looks like a snow mountain as a whole and is very beautiful. It is not only a cat toy but also a good-looking home decoration, designed with a sophisticated shape.
Good Cat Gifts  The Cat Scratcher Toy is great for gift-giving; it is high-grade, textured, and very practical. Cats will love it. It is suitable for your beloved pet or for cat owners.




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