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Dog Chew Toy

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  • Training Aids for Pets Complete Teeth Cleaning for Pet Snack Food Pressed bones of rawhide.
  • This delicious treat is prepared without any dangerous chemicals or extruded ingredients.
  • In addition to gratifying your dog’s natural desire to chew.
  • Dog Chew Toy.





Products for Training Pets Complete Teeth Cleaning for Pet Snack Food Pressed bones of rawhide
This delicious treat is prepared without any dangerous chemicals, extruded ingredients, or preservatives and is made from 100% natural beefhide. In addition to gratifying your dog’s natural desire to chew, the bone will help maintain healthy teeth and gums and strengthen her jaw muscles while she gnaws away to her heart’s content.
Principal Advantages
Maintains your best friend’s teeth and gums in good condition with each chew;
keeps her occupied while satisfying her craving to chew.
helps build up the jaw muscles of your pet.
produced without the use of dangerous chemicals for




7 reviews for Dog Chew Toy

  1. Adam

    This is one of the best aggressive dog chew toys out their. It keeps my two engaged for hours and lasts a very long time. I highly recommend.

  2. Benjamin

    I have two very aggressive chewers, so I bought different kinds of toys to appease them. These toys are their favorite! I will be buying more as they fight over the two I have and hide the extra from each other! Great product, as they stopped going after my remotes and couch! Thanks!

  3. Crystal

    Our new puppy loves this. I don’t know if it’s the consistency of the material from which it’s made, and/or the bacon flavor, or both, but she just spends so much time chewing on this bone. It was well worth the price, which was very reasonable to begin with…I highly recommend this product

  4. Nicholas

    I have a puppy named George (10 month old) and he loved this bone! He would eat bones in less than 5 days before we got this one. This lasted him about 2 months of endless chewing. We recently got him a new one in a bigger size (from medium to large) and he was so excited. Definitely recommend for your pup if they love to chew because it definitely kept my dog entertained! 5/5!

  5. Lloyd

    My dog is an aggressive chewer. He’s a 22 lb schnoodle. This was the perfect size for him. It’s lasted 3 months and still going.

  6. Leon

    He likes it to a point he gets board with it cause he cant he cant break it. Lol

  7. Keith

    I have a part Staffordshire Terrier and he is an aggressive chewer. This bone lasts a long time with him. I would highly recommend this bone to any dog owner. My boy loves them!

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