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Cat Litter Box


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  • Let cats rub their fur happily to relieve the itch.
  • The bottom-reinforced crossbar strengthens the durability of the litter tray. 
  • This foldable cat litter box has a large space.
  • fully enclosed, front door in and out of the top, single-entry anti-splash.
  • Hanging scoops and folding designs reduce space occupation.
  • Presenting the Lovingly Upgraded Cat Litter Box: a contemporary rendition of the classic folding litter box, enriched with innovative features for a superior experience. This enhanced product includes smart storage for cat poop bags and deodorant packs, a reversible cat self-care device, a cat-friendly wavy sand filter, an expanded entrance, a sleek modern design, and a practical horizontally designed drawer.
  •  Experience the Extra Large Space: Our cat litter box offers an expansive interior, measuring 20*16.1*14.6 inches when set up and folded. The door opening spans 13.2*7.9 inches, while the drawer pan dimensions are 20*16.1*3.6 inches. With ample room for your feline friend, this box comfortably accommodates cats up to 25 lbs. or 2  kittens, ensuring freedom of movement and comfort 
  •  Tailored for Cat Comfort: Meticulously designed to align with feline behaviors, our bottom-in, top-out concept lets cats embrace their natural instincts. It curbs litter tracking by allowing excess litter to fall away when they jump out. The front door facilitates entry and exit exclusively to prevent litter scatter, while the top door offers unrestricted access, enabling dynamic leaps for added amusement.
  •  Effortlessly Foldable and Portable: Engineered for convenience, our cat litter box easily collapses for storage, setup, and disassembly. Its space-efficient design ensures effortless portability, making it an ideal choice for extended journeys with your cherished cat, ensuring a worry-free solution for their hygiene needs.
  •  Uncompromising Quality: Crafted from premium PP+PS eco-friendly materials, our litter box guarantees safety through its non-toxic and odorless composition. Its robust build remains steadfast even during vigorous cat activity, providing reliable protection for your beloved companions.
  •  Elevate your cat’s environment with the Lovingly Upgraded Cat Litter Box, a fusion of practicality, ease, and cat-centric design that promises satisfaction for both you and your furry friends.

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