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Interactive Dog Treat Ball Toy


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  • High-quality Material.
  • This dental dog ball is made of rubber for resistance and flexibility.
  • Their slots are designed to place prizes or spreadable paste for your dog.
  • This helps the dental ball effectively clean your dog’s teeth and reduce tartar playback.


About this product
Keep your dog busy with this fun treat ball toy. It is made from environmentally safe material and is durable and bite-resistant.
It provides interactive fun that will entertain your dog, keeping them occupied and coming back for more.
Colors: green, blue, yellow, orange, red.
Material: non-toxic natural rubber.

Interactive Dog Treat Ball Toy












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10 reviews for Interactive Dog Treat Ball Toy

  1. Robert

    I was initially hesitant, and so was she, fearing it. But once she grasped how it worked and saw the food dropping out, she grew to love it. Now, she even plays with it when there’s no food involved. It certainly keeps her occupied!

  2. Logan

    My dog enjoys playing with this ball. It is great for play and helping to keep teeth clean.

  3. Bruce

    I have a hound mix that loves to chew. She is also high energy. I put little treats or peanut butter on this ball, and it keeps her busy for at least ten minutes (very long time for her!) It’s sturdy and also bounces, which my dog thinks is its other use! One of her favorite toys!

  4. Arthur

    This is the best ball I have ever bought for my dog! I stick pieces of her food in the little “claws” and she has so much fun with it. I think the idea is for her to get the food out by chewing, but she picks it up and slams it back on the floor and looks for the pieces lol So great! I would definitely order a couple more of these.

  5. Dylan

    We bought one for our corgi puppy and really liked it. We ended up packing it with food to include as part of her meal, which she seems to enjoy. It also helps her not to eat as fast. We actually ended up buying a second one, because we liked it so much.

  6. Gloria

    I’ve only had it for a day so I can’t speak for long term at the moment but my dog loves this!! I put a few treats in the sides and he’s been carrying it around and going at it for almost an hour now. So if you ever need to keep your dog occupied for awhile- this is the trick!

  7. Harold

    I do love this ball for my 4 month old pity mix, who is teething. This also keeps her busy, which gives us a break from the puppy temper tantrums. I do smear some slits with peanut butter then fill with kibble, training treats, and little frozen bits of pumpkin. I do wish it was a bit more durable, but I will be buying more. It could be because of her razor sharp puppy teeth, though…

  8. Carl

    Works great. I put a little dog toothpaste in it and she chews on it. Glad I found a way to keep her teeth clean. Also keeps her busy when I put treats in it.

  9. Megan

    I put small training treats in the crevices and our very strong lab has to work to get at them. Keeps him busy for a bit and he enjoys the activity. The ball is soft and pliable, yet strong enough that it does not come apart.

  10. Bethany

    Great find! Well made and very durable. I have a ball killing pit bull and this toy is still in great shape 2 months later. Its got a fun bounce and giggle to it as well. Will buy again when needed for sure!

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