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Laser Pointer Flashlight Cat Toy


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  • Product material: aluminum alloy +ABS.
  • Color: green, red, blue, purple, silver, black, and mixed colours.
  • Light source: Light + infrared laser.
  • Purpose: white light illumination, infrared to tease the cat.
  • The mini size is easy to carry.

Function: keychain design, Pet Toys 2 1 function, flashlight white light, and red laser pointer. This cat toy can not only amuse the cat but can also be used for PPT presentation remote control.
How to use: Remove the inside of the baffle and use it at the touch of a button with your finger, which is recommended for indoor use. Great interactive cat toys not only provide endless fun but also exercise your pet’s body and agility. It also provides emergency lighting (indoors and outdoors).
Have fun! With this cat toy, you can just sit on the sofa and interact with your cat without running here and there. It’s the best toy to keep kittens busy for a long time and tire them out.





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