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Pets Cleaning Brush


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  • Length 19.5cm
  • Pet grooming supplies are for indoor pets.
  • One button for cleaning: remove the whole piece of hair.
  • All 232 steel needles with a protective head on the pet brush can massage and comb.
  • The 140° curved steel needle can grasp the hair better.

Product design: The brush has a safe massage particle point at the end, which can bring a very comfortable feeling to the pet and will not hurt or scratch the pet’s skin, and the brush has a 140° bend, which is convenient to clean the pet’s hair from all angles
Easy hair removal: The brush has a one-touch release button on the back to easily remove collected pet drop hair, allowing you to say goodbye to traditional stubborn hairballs and making the cleaning process more streamlined and convenient
Comfortable grip: The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip during hair cleaning, effectively relieves hand pressure, and prevents hand and wrist strains
Multi-scene application: can break down tangles, pet brushes can remove loose hair, dander, and dirt under the fur, pet hair removal agent can clean all kinds of pet hair on clothes, sofas, beds, carpets, blankets, quilts, etc.
Deep cleaning: It can penetrate deeply into the cat’s fur to remove fallen hair. It can effectively keep the cat’s fur healthy and prevent hair from falling at home to the greatest extent, and regular grooming can help detect early signs of skin problems or parasites, which is beneficial to keeping your pet healthy



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