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Dog Fetch Chewy Toys


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  • Multi-functional dog toy: This is a multi-functional dog fun toy that integrates the functions of tooth grinding, tooth cleaning, fun and strange sounds, and tour training.
  • Molar teeth cleaning function: The newly designed irregular meteorite-shaped molar bumps can comprehensively and deeply clean the dog’s incisors, canines, and molars while the dog plays with the toy.
  • Fun sound design: The toy has a built-in fun sound device. When the dog is playing with the toy, when the tooth grinding ball shakes or rolls, the toy has three built-in sound devices.
  • Firm and not easy to damage, the outer layer of the toy is highly elastic τ PR material.
  • Easy to play with: This toy is very easy to use and can be used indoors and outdoors. 

Best gift for dogs: By playing with balls, dogs improve their intelligence, stay healthy, reduce anxiety, and prevent boredom that can become destructive.
Safe &Ultra-Durable: The whole ball is made of food-grade materials to ensure your pup’s safety. The outside is made of elastic TRP, which enhances the elasticity of the chew ball and prevents injury to your dog’s mouth from hard plastic. It also protects indoor furniture and floor surfaces from scratches. The inside is made of hard ABS plastic, which protects the internal noise-making mechanism from damage.
Funny Squeaky Sound: The three sounding devices inside the ball make a fun sound when rolled or shaken. Different rolling angles make different giggle sounds to entertain your pup. The sounds engage your dog’s natural curiosity and instincts to play. The ball does not require batteries and is safe to use.
Chewing and Teeth Cleaning: Different from other dog balls with smooth surfaces, this ball has soft, irregular elastic bulges on the surface. The design comprehensively cleans your dog’s teeth while they play with it and effectively keeps the dog’s mouth healthy. The soft material will not hurt the dog’s mouth and will improve your dog’s oral health.
Extremely Durable: Our upgraded Giggle Ball has passed the test of compressive strength; it can withstand a 200-pound bite force. This ball is designed for medium, large, and aggressive dogs. Not recommended for puppies. 


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