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Unscented Leak-Proof Dog Pee Pads with Sticker


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  • Leakproof Protection
  • Superior Absorption
  • 5-layer construction
  • Suitable For Dog
  • Unscented Dog Pee pads with-sticker

Comfort-Oriented Surface Design: The puppy pad’s top soft, non-woven fabric layer is comfortable for your dog to walk on and allows urine to pass through and reach the absorbent layers underneath while keeping your dog’s paws dry.
Leak-Resistant Design: The waterproof bottom polyethylene layer of dog pads for pee is to prevent urine from leaking through the pad onto the floor. Together with the 5th distributing layer, it acts as a barrier to protect your floors from moisture.

Maintain a hygienic environment for your pet and your home with these professional-grade dog pee pads.

  • Unscented Formula: Eliminates artificial fragrances that may attract dogs or irritate sensitive noses.
  • Superior Leak-Proof Performance: Advanced materials prevent leaks and ensure complete floor protection.
  • Secure Adhesive Backing: Integrated adhesive strips keep the pad firmly in place, reducing the risk of slipping or tearing.

M : 50pcs/bag Transparent packaging bag
L : 40pcs/bag Transparent packaging bag
XL : 40pcs/bag Transparent packaging bag

Unscented Leak-Proof Dog Pee Pads with Sticker



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