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Adjustable Dog Recovery Collar


  • Plush Comfort & Adjustable Fit
  • Superior Protection
  • Stress-free recovery
  • Easy Use & Clean

Product Description for Inflatable Pet Recovery Collar

1. Comfort Meets Protection: Made with a soft, plush outer ring and a durable PVC interior, this inflatable Pet collar prioritizes both comfort and protection during recovery.
2. Promotes Healing: The inflatable design gently prevents your pet from reaching injuries, rashes, or surgical sites, promoting a speedy and irritation-free recovery.
3. Adjustable Fit: The collar features a convenient strap for a customized fit. Simply adjust and secure the strap at the back of your pet’s neck to deter chewing.
4. Unrestricted View: Unlike traditional cones, this inflatable collar allows for full vision, ensuring your pets can comfortably eat, drink, play, and sleep while staying protected. It’s a gentle and stress-free alternative to Elizabethan collars.
5. Easy Cleaning & Storage: The inflatable portion deflates for compact storage, while the removable plush cover zips off for easy washing. The PVC interior can also be wiped clean for ultimate convenience.







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