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Interactive Dog Chew Toy


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  • High-Quality Material: Compact, Lightweight, and Safe.
  • This dog ball toy with a convex design is designed to promote the cleaning of teeth.
  • The dog chewing toy will further stimulate the visual impact of your dog.
  • Widely Used: The puppy tooth toy is designed for a wide range of uses, making it a great joy for your pet.

Welcome to our pet toy store! We bring you a versatile and beloved toy for dogs: the Rubber Sound Ball. This unique design aims to provide both fun and health benefits for your pet. Let’s take a look at its features:
Our Rubber Sound Ball is made of high-quality rubber material, ensuring durability and safety. It is non-toxic and suitable for all dog breeds.
This toy has a built-in sound device that produces engaging noises when your dog bites or shakes the ball. It stimulates curiosity and attention, making them more engaged and active.
Moreover, the surface of the ball features textured patterns to fulfill your dog’s chewing needs. By chewing on this ball, your dog can relieve gum discomfort, promote oral health, and reduce damage to furniture and other items.
What’s more, our rubber sound ball is incredibly easy to clean. Simply wipe the ball gently with warm water and soap to restore its cleanliness and freshness. This ensures a hygienic and reliable toy for your pet without worrying about bacteria growth or unpleasant odors.



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