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Molar Bite Dog Toy


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  • The edge of the section is designed to clean the front teeth of the dog during the pet dog’s use of this toy.
  • Daily protection of the dog’s incisors will make the dog’s incisors healthier.
  • Chewable rubbers in 360 degrees. Effectively cleaning Per’s teeth.
  • A serrated molar stick and a food-leaking ball can thoroughly clean the dental calculus and dirt on dogs’ teeth.
  • This is a great interactive dog toy that can protect a dog’s dental health.

With the aid of the pet molar bite toy, you can maintain your pets’ dental health and fresh breath. Additionally, it can enhance your pet’s general health and well-being and reduce their boredom.
Food Dispenser Toy: With its concave, convex shape and increased friction on teeth, this molar ball effectively removes dirt and calculus from teeth. It also functions as a food dispenser toy. Pet treats can be placed inside the molar ball and will come out of the hole as a reward for your dog.
Get Rid of Boredom minimizes restlessness and destructive behavior while keeping your dog physically awake to satisfy their innate need to hunt! Maintain the bodily and physical well-being of your pet.


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6 reviews for Molar Bite Dog Toy

  1. Victoria

    Amazing durability and my dogs were very entertained and loved this! Would definitely recommend!

  2. Hector

    This is a fun tug toy for your doggie! Beautiful sky blue in color. Just the right size for any dog to enjoy many happy and fun cumulative hours of play with their favorite person, or favorite canine pal!

  3. Angela

    My dog seems to like it and actually just pulled it out of her toy bin over all of her other toys. She Carrie’s it around the house and brings it to us to play tug a war. Seem to be a win win for us. Seems to be very durable.

  4. Ralph

    This toy is great for dogs that chew through toys quickly. This is great for playing one on one with your pup like tug of war. It is durable, colorful, and fun to play with. She just loves throwing it around and will bring it to you to play.

  5. Felix

    solid pull toy. I received it for my nephews labradoodle and he loves it. We took it to the dog park and a group of big dogs couldn’t destroy it or put a dent in it! The color I got was a bright turquoise blue.

  6. Oscar

    This tug of war rope is very heavy duty and has lasted through daily play between the dog and the kids. The colors are nice and vibrant so it’s very easy to locate in the grass and inside. The rope is reinforced in the middle which helps because my dog likes to carry it from the middle. This dog toy can be used for tug of war or fetch so it’s a great toy to always have

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